What can I say Victoria. You hit the nail on the head once again. I didn’t even have to tell you where the infection was, and you were able to “see” it along with the inflammation surrounding it. Thanks for recommending the salt solution and upping my Vitamin D3 intake.

Your powerful blessing assisted me in a speedy recovery.

By the way, I did call the contractor’s name that you gave a thumbs up to. He is interested in doing the remedial work on my house and stated that 20 percent of his work is from re-doing other contractors botched jobs. He will be glad to go to bat for me, even if it comes down to going to court. Once you explained why I was having difficulties with the contractors that I chose and how deeply entangled my energies were entwined with my house, I was able to make a commitment, disconnect and cut the cords. I can’t believe that I finally can have the remedial house work properly done! And now I will finally be able to freely move!

Cris H. in Pennsylvania
I have known Victoria for over 17 years.  She has an innate ability for inner “knowing”.  She also has a Divine connection for healing that has continued to grow and become exponentially magnified over the past few years. Recently, I was admitted to the hospital for chest pains.  I contacted her because I trust her intuition 100%.  I was very afraid it was heart related (as it runs in my family).  She assured me it was not and that “there may be an irritation in the esophagus” that was causing the issue.  After much testing, her words were proven accurate.

She sent me her “healing energy”, which was immediately felt and helped me recover very quickly.

I am still following up with medical doctors but having Victoria’s “insight” and “healing energy” provided me with a quicker recovery and much peace of mind!

I always contact Victoria when I need immediate unknown information.  She has provided invaluable insight when purchasing our newest home.  She advised against another bid; explained the issues with home and sellers.  She again was 100% correct!

With the latest home we are purchasing, she informed me when we would find it, that it would go smoothly, and we would be very happy there.

I trust Victoria’s connection with the Divine and am so grateful for all of her help and most especially of her “Blessings” on me and my family!

Beth W. in Pennsylvania
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