Getting Unstuck by Clearing Out and Cleaning Up

Feeling stuck and stagnant in your life? Are you in a rut? Is everything the same and nothing is really going anywhere fast? One way out is to start actively making changes and taking actions to get the energy of change moving in your life.

Moving Stagnant Energy in Your Life

It may sound impossible to go from stuck and in a rut, but there are simple things you can do to get moving in the right direction. First, start by cleaning and organizing the house. The more you clean and restore things to order, the easier it is for change and energy to flow into your life. Next, address undone projects that you’ve been ignoring. We all have undone projects – things you’ve noticed a million times and didn’t actually fix or do to correct the problem. These things may be small, but every time you notice them and don’t fix them you are choosing to keep the energy old and stagnant in your home and life. It is also important to clear the front and back entry of your home. This leaves a clear path for energy to enter and exit your life.

Clearing Electronic Clutter

After you’ve made a good dent on cleaning and decluttering your home environment, make sure to spend some time dealing with your electronic clutter as well. When you work on your computer (at home or work) you accumulate clutter in the form of old files, junk mail and messages you never got to.

Clearing the clutter should include unsubscribing and marking as “spam” unwanted messages, folderizing email by topic to clear out the old from the current, deleting the items in your spam folder and electronic trash can. By doing this, you are metaphorically “taking out the trash” and getting rid of the old and unwanted, making room for new energy and opportunity in your life.

Clearing Your Car

If you have a car, be sure to also clear out and clean your vehicle. Your car represents how you move about in your life. Are you dragging around a bunch of old trash? Are you stashing things you don’t feel like dealing with in the moment? Is that the energy you want to continue to keep you stuck in a rut?

Clean the car to invite new, fresh energy into your life, first by picking it up and keeping it trash free, then, by restoring its overall clean and cared for status. Keep it clean by keeping trash bags and napkins handy. Keep it serviced and attend to safety items such as the spare tire or an emergency kit, blankets, etc. By adding an element of pre-planning to your car, you also signal energetically that you are the one planning for and in control of your life!

The Trivedi Effect & The Power of a Blessing

Another powerful way to get unstuck from a rut and invite change into your life is by using The Trivedi Effect. The Trivedi Effect is a powerful energy with its roots in your connection to your life purpose and the divine. A Trivedi Effect blessing is designed to reconnect you to your concept of God and the divine. This connection can heal and repair your spirit in ways that nothing else can, returning the soul to its original blueprint and helping you create the life you’ve envisioned. You can begin to help yourself get unstuck with the simple steps of cleaning, organizing and renewing yourself and your space, once you’ve got a good start on this method of getting energy flowing in your life you can extend and expand this benefit to your spirit with a Trivedi Effect blessing.

Working with Victoria Vannes

Victoria Vannes can provide a Trivedi effect blessing in order to reconnect you with God and the divine and strengthen your spirit as you transform your life into the life you envision. If you’d like to work with Victoria to get unstuck in your life or to restore the feeling of positive energy flow to help you feel renewed, hopeful and energetic about creating the life of your dreams, please email to schedule an appointment.

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