From Blah to Joie de vivre

Feeling Blah

Uh-Oh, feeling blah? Is life looking a little lusterless and unexciting lately? Does it all feel a little hum drum and boring? Are you tired all the time and feeling like all you do is work? Have you lost track of what your goals and dreams for yourself were when you started all this? You may have lost your joie de vivre, your excitement about getting up in the morning, the thrill of accomplishing something that means something to you or doing something new, but the good news, is you can get it back!

Why Cultivating Gratitude Works

It is important to create an attitude of gratitude in your life. Gratitude works because it changes our focus from worry and negativity and powerlessness to things that are positive. In gratitude, we stay in a place of appreciation and we feel powerful and more able to make changes in our life. Common advice suggests starting a daily gratitude journal and writing down at least three things a day that you are grateful for. The act of writing helps solidify in our mind the good that we recognized in life as being real and valuable.

How to Create Joie de vivre in Your Life

You can create a sense of Joie de vivre in your life by choosing to dedicate time and effort to what actually makes you feel happy, even when it feels as if there isn’t enough time in the day to spend it on you! So, if more time to relax is what is needed, that will create joy. If you need more time to create, then art, music, dance or writing might help you find a true sense of joy. Whatever you strongly feel is “missing” is a good clue where to look for and meet that missing need and rediscover your joy.

Some people don’t even know themselves well enough to know what might bring them a sense of joy. In this case, it is time to explore and try new things. There is power in trying new things. Sometimes you discover something you don’t like, but if you stick to trying things that you’ve often wondered about or thought about doing (but never followed through on until now) then that is a great place to start exploring! When you are attracted to even thinking about doing those new things, that is a great sign that it could be a match and help you find joy!

The Trivedi Effect & The Power of a Blessing

Joie de vivre is an important driver of the energy that fuels your life and your ability to manifest your dreams in physical reality here on Earth. One way that you can get that drive and joy back is by accessing the energetic power contained within The Trivedi Effect. A Trivedi Effect blessing is designed to reconnect you to your concept of God and the divine. This connection can heal and repair your spirit in ways that nothing else can, returning the soul to its original blueprint and helping you create the life you’ve envisioned.

Working with Victoria Vannes

Victoria Vannes can provide a Trivedi effect blessing in order to reconnect you with God and the divine and strengthen your spirit as you transform your life into the life you envision. She can also help you discover why you’ve lost your joy and excitement and help you rediscover it in the plans that you make to move forward in life. If you’d like to work with Victoria, please email to schedule an appointment.

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