What is the Trivedi Effect?2019-05-31T09:11:36-07:00

The Trivedi Effect is an evidence-based phenomenon in which an individual can harness inherently intelligent energy from nature and transmit it to living organisms and non-living materials, anywhere in the world, through thought intention.  This transmission of the Life Force energy is to significantly enhance potency and beneficially alter the characteristics and behaviors of people, animals, plants and non-living materials, through transformation at the atomic, molecular and cellular levels. The Trivedi Effect has been tested, measured and validated in over 4,000 scientific experiments globally, by world-renowned scientists and research institutes, using the rigor of internationally accepted models of scientific research with the most sophisticated technologies available on this planet.  Challenging the known frontiers of science, this research has resulted in over 350 publications in major international peer-reviewed scientific journals with over 4,000 citations.

How can Victoria’s Life Force energy healing help me, or my child?2019-05-31T09:14:28-07:00

The benefits people may receive through Victoria’s energy healing method include improvements in emotional health, relationships, careers, self-confidence, better sleep patterns, finances and prosperity, as well as a closer connection to the Source.

Children are particularly open to this Life Force energy.  You do not even need to discuss the Energy Healing with your child in order for your child to reap the benefits, which may include improvements in self-confidence, emotional wellbeing, stronger physically, deeper sleep, better relationships with family members and increased feelings of overall peace and happiness.

As a Trivedi Healer, Victoria’s ability to harness the Life Force energy has been scientifically validated, documented and published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.  This research has shown that Victoria’s Life Force energy healing can affect living organism and non-living materials.

In Victoria’s scientific study, Regulation of Bone Health Parameters After Treatment with Biofield Energy Healing Based Vitamin D3 on Human Osteoblast Cell Line, showed a significant increased bone mineralization by 324.5%.  This significant increase in bone mineralization was created through her ability to harness the Life Force energy and direct it to the subject through thought intention.

Will I get or feel immediate benefits?2019-06-13T12:08:23-07:00

Each person experiences benefits in their own unique way.  This is a transformation process.  Some people feel an immediate benefit.  My client, Beth W., who contacted me while in the hospital for chest pain, stated that my “healing energy was immediately felt and helped me recover very quickly”. Other people report improvements in areas such as relationships, careers, emotional wellbeing, self-confidence, better sleep patterns and finances, happening over varying periods of time.

How will I feel after an Energy Healing or Transmission?2019-05-31T09:12:45-07:00

People respond differently to receiving Energy Healings or Transmission.  People often report that they feel very refreshed with an increase in energy and are not as tired.  You might find that you sleep very deeply the night after an Energy Healing and awake refreshed with renewed energy for your day.  You may even look brighter, with eyes sparkling.  No adverse effects have been reported to date.

I don’t live close by. Do remote Energy Healings work as powerfully as the being there in person receiving an Energy Healing?2019-05-31T09:15:41-07:00

Yes!  Remote Energy Healings can be as powerful as being there in person.  The scientific research studies conducted on Victoria’s ability to harness the intelligent Life Force energy from the Source was done in a research laboratory near Delhi, India while Victoria was in the USA.  Victoria ability to harness the Life Force energy from the Source and transmit it to the test subjects in the laboratory in India has been validated, documented and published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Does this Energy Healings contradict my religion? Do I have to be religious or spiritual to receive the benefits of an Energy Healing?2019-05-08T07:48:54-07:00

The intelligent Life Force energy works independently from anyone’s religious or spiritual beliefs.  Victoria, as a Trivedi Healer, connects you to the God of your understanding, regardless of your spiritual or religious association.

What do I need to do to prepare to receive an Energy Healing? What do I need to do to prepare my child to receive an Energy Healing?2019-05-31T09:17:02-07:00

Once you register on-line for an Energy Healing, you will receive an email giving you the instructions on how best to prepare yourself or your child to receive an Energy Healing.  If you have any questions, please do call Victoria at 610-476-3358.

Can I do anything to make the Energy Healing more effective?2019-05-08T07:47:59-07:00

The beauty of the Life Force energy is that it is a powerful intelligent energy from the Source!  It knows what you need.  You do not need to do anything to enhance its effects.

What should I do during the Energy Healings that I receive during the night while I am asleep?2019-05-08T07:53:56-07:00

You do not need to anything.  During the night, while you are asleep, the Life Force energy is being transmitted through powerful thought intention and the intelligence of the energy goes to work without any effort on your part.

I just had an Energy Healing and I don’t feel any different. Is it working?2018-06-14T09:04:55-07:00

Everyone has their own unique path to transformation.  While some people report feeling the benefits immediately, others may experience the benefits over time.  Sometimes people feel heat, tingling or shivering in their body during an Energy Healing. Others sometimes feel auras of light surrounding their bodies. Sometimes intense feelings surface and release with crying.  And sometimes people experience a deep sense of calm and peacefulness.

Even if you do not feel anything, it does not mean that the energy is not working. The energy is flowing perhaps just in a quieter way.

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