Creating Prosperity by Changing Your Energy

You can create more prosperity in your life by changing the feel and quality of the energy you are putting into your life, your thoughts and out into the world.

What is Prosperity?

The first thing most people think of when someone says “prosperity” is “money.” Prosperity isn’t just about money or “being rich.” Money can make your life easier, and less stressful. It can buy pleasant experiences, but it can’t fix everything in life or make you the kind of happy that leads to soul level satisfaction. In addition to money and riches, prosperity could be seen as having happiness, health, a good family, a meaningful career, or giving back to make the world a better place.

Changing Your Energy

For most people, when they have lost the sense of “flow” in their life (when things feel easy and seem to fall into place) and they aren’t seeing the fruits of prosperity, it is because the energy and quality of the thoughts they believe about themselves and put out into the Universe are largely negative, judgmental or hopeless. In the simplest sense, the way to correct this problem and create that feeling of flow and prosperity is to change your thoughts and your energy and your beliefs about yourself and the possibilities for your life into something more hopeful and positive. Then you can take the actions indicated by those positive thoughts and create that type of life.

Creating Flow

Creating flow from what may feel like a stagnant energetic standstill where nothing good is really happening in your life can feel difficult and overwhelming. The key is to start small. Pick a few small positive actions each day and repeat them for a few days. Once you have kept these good habits going, add a few more. In this way you can snowball improvements to your life and positive energy. Soon, the flow will be moving for your good once again!

Inviting Good

Be sure that you are inviting good into your life with your thoughts and actions. If you find yourself doing things that don’t lead to taking actions in the direction of your dreams, you may be wasting time or procrastinating. If you are choosing negative things or hanging out with people who only complain and tear you down, it may be time to make new, like-minded friends.

Helping Yourself and Getting Help

You can take actions to help yourself reach your dreams. You can research, create goals, take care of your health, get an education or training, but sometimes, you need additional help. One way to speed up the process and get the information you need to realize your dreams is to find a mentor or coach to help you.

The Trivedi Effect & The Power of a Blessing

Another thing you can do is ask for a blessing to help energize and solidify your commitment to living your best life. The Trivedi Effect is a powerful form of energy that can help you on this path. A Trivedi Effect blessing is designed to reconnect you to your concept of God and the divine. This connection can heal and repair your spirit in ways that nothing else can, returning the soul to its original blueprint and helping you create the life you’ve envisioned.

Working with Victoria Vannes

Victoria Vannes can provide a Trivedi effect blessing in order to reconnect you with God and the divine and strengthen your spirit as you transform your life into the life you envision. If you’d like to work with Victoria, please email to schedule an appointment.

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