How can Victoria’s Life Force energy healing help me, or my child?

The benefits people may receive through Victoria’s energy healing method include improvements in emotional health, relationships, careers, self-confidence, better sleep patterns, finances and prosperity, as well as a closer connection to the Source.

Children are particularly open to this Life Force energy.  You do not even need to discuss the Energy Healing with your child in order for your child to reap the benefits, which may include improvements in self-confidence, emotional wellbeing, stronger physically, deeper sleep, better relationships with family members and increased feelings of overall peace and happiness.

As a Trivedi Healer, Victoria’s ability to harness the Life Force energy has been scientifically validated, documented and published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.  This research has shown that Victoria’s Life Force energy healing can affect living organism and non-living materials.

In Victoria’s scientific study, Regulation of Bone Health Parameters After Treatment with Biofield Energy Healing Based Vitamin D3 on Human Osteoblast Cell Line, showed a significant increased bone mineralization by 324.5%.  This significant increase in bone mineralization was created through her ability to harness the Life Force energy and direct it to the subject through thought intention.

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Victoria offers powerful Life Force energy transmissions that help you transform your physical, mental and emotional well-being to attain true happiness and live the life you desire.

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