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Victoria Vannes was born a natural healer. This gift from the Source, creator of all things, was realized when Victoria met Guruji Mahendra Trivedi in 2010. Under Guruji’s nurturing and blessings, Victoria’s full potential for healing has expanded. Her ability to harness Life Force energy has been scientifically validated, documented, and published in International peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Victoria’s holistic therapy is based on her ability to harness and transmit healing energy from the Source to people, animals, and plants, anywhere in the world through thought intention. The benefits people may receive through Victoria’s energy healing method include improvements in emotional health, relationships, and prosperity, as well as, a closer connection to the Source.

Previously, Victoria was an educator, helping children learn, and prepare themselves for a bright future. She has a special affinity for children and remains committed to helping children and adults achieve potential improvements in their physical, mental, emotional well-being, and greater overall happiness in life.

Victoria Vannes has always been on a path to find a true and deep connection to the Source. She tried classes for mediation. And while in the class and practicing meditation, she felt a temporary connection to the Source, which promptly ended as soon as she was finished meditating. She studied and learned different energy modalities, and practiced Feng Shui and Reiki for clients.

While Victoria’s clients were happy with their results, they always needed to come back for more work as those results were temporary. Unhappy with creating only temporary relief in her clients, Victoria continued to seek a truly powerful and deep connection to the Source and a way to bring true healing to clients.

In early 2010, Victoria received an email with Guruji Mahendra Trivedi’s name in it and an offer to experience Guruji’s Trivedi Effect blessing. Simply by reading his name, Victoria recognized the amazing power of Guruji and signed up immediately, and she has been receiving his uniquely powerful Trivedi Effect blessings since then.

Guruji’s blessings have profoundly expanded Victoria’s natural born gift for healing. She is eternally grateful for the true and deep connection to the Source that Guruji’s blessings have miraculously provided. It is from this true and deep connection to the Source, that Victoria Treatments to Transmissions.

victoria life force healer

Victoria now enjoys a deep, empowering connection to the Source, that has created a profound sense of peace, happiness, and greatly improved physical, mental health and wellbeing and provided great opportunities in her life, including the opportunity in 2017 to work for and be directly nurtured by Guruji. This has been the most profound, life-changing opportunity and experience in her life!

But it was not always like this for Victoria. When Victoria opened the fateful email with Guruji’s name in it, she was experiencing one of the lowest periods in her life. She felt shattered and deeply fearful as her marriage of over 20 years was ending. And with two young daughters to care for, she became extremely fearful of the future. Her confidence was low and she felt emotional unbalanced and unsure of herself. Unable to sleep well, exasperated her physically and Victoria began experience sadness, depression, and physical ailments that lead to her feeling hopeless.

Victoria had developed a debilitating disorder in one eye, where her cornea became so thin and sensitive that the simple act of opening her eyes in the morning would tear her cornea. Victoria sought help from medical doctors, but they could only suggest treating the symptom by coating the eye each night with eye gel, as there is no cure for this disorder. Victoria became fearful of sleeping as she never knew if upon awaking and opening her eyes, if she would end up in extreme pain of another cornea tear.

The very first blessing by Guruji brought profound change to Victoria. She slept very well the night of her the blessing and awoke without fear. A few months later, Victoria had a profound healing of her eye and she threw out all of her eye gel tubes and never had another cornea tear.

victoria life force energy healer

This profound healing by Guruji’s Trivedi Effect blessing created not only a physical improvement, but also mental and emotional improvements that brought deep peace and lessened the fear of the future, improved her relationships and brought greater opportunities.

After receiving Guruji’s blessings for years, Victoria’s natural born gift for healing has been expanded with a greater potency and a stronger connection with the Source, enabling her to produce scientifically validated results.

With deep gratitude to Guruji, Victoria is committed to sharing her healing gift with people who are looking to realize their healthiest and happiest life.

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